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I started doing nails in my mother’s basement in 1990. As a little girl I would sit and watch my mother use Lee Press On Nails. I was so fascinated to the point I would put long pieces of tape on my little nails and paint them red. When I got a little older my mother took me to the neighborhood beauty supply and purchased a acrylic starter kit for me. She allowed me to practice on her until I got the hang of it. My mother worked as a teacher’s aide at an elementary school where other women started to notice her nails. They started making appointments and coming to the house and the rest is history!

The name Cuticle Couture’ came from my love for fashion specifically accessories. My plan was to provide rings and bracelets to compliment the nails. However, my clients loved the pieces I provided and requested other items. My favorite part of the business is seeing that priceless smile on a client’s face when they look at their hands and/or feet in total satisfaction. I must say it’s very humbling.

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