Fashion Profile – Tonya Williams of Cuticle Couture Detroit

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Fashion Profile – Tonya Williams of Cuticle Couture Detroit

Not all nail salons are created equal, and in the city of Detroit you will find a plethora that aren’t black owned.  Locating a nail salon that provides quality, professional and personalized service can be a daunting task, so when one is found you tend to stick with them.

Tonya Williams owner of Cuticle Couture Detroit has been able to achieve this goal by providing superior service to her customers which keeps them loyal and coming back.  Not only is she a bonafide celebrity nail artist, she is also an accessories guru keeping fashion savvy women on trend with the latest bags and jewelry.  How do I know?  Because whenever she replenishes her stock I’m salivating at her post on Facebook and Instagram.  Tonya’s slogan is “Where nails and fashion meet,” which she definitely lives up to and is exactly what she serves up to her clients on a consistent basis.

beatsRecently I had the pleasure to sit down with Tonya of Cuticle Couture to discuss how she got her start in the business, building her brand and what keeps her clients happy and coming back for more.

Briefly tell me about your nail artistry background?

I started doing nails in my mother’s basement in 1990. As a little girl I would sit and watch my mother use Lee Press On Nails. I was so fascinated to the point I would put long pieces of tape on my little nails and paint them red. When I got a little older my mother took me to the neighborhood beauty supply and purchased me an acrylic starter kit. She allowed me to practice on her until I got the hang of it. My mother worked as a teacher’s aide at an elementary school where other women started to notice her nails. They started making appointments and coming to the house and the rest is history….

nailsHow did you come up with the name Cuticle Couture?

The name Cuticle Couture’ came from my love for fashion specifically accessories. My plan was to provide rings and bracelets to compliment the nails. However, my clients loved the pieces I provided and requested other items.

What’s your favorite part of the business?

My favorite part of the business is seeing that priceless smile on a client’s face when they look at their hands and/or feet in total satisfaction. I must say it’s very humbling.



What’s the most difficult part of the business and how do you work through it?

I’d have to say people who are always late. I’m very punctual and have a very low tolerance for tardiness. I simply stress my 15 grace period and ask them to reschedule if need be. If it happens too many times I won’t allow them to make another appointment with me.

What sets you apart from other celebrity nail artist?

PROFESSIONALISM!!!! Anybody can run a business but being unprofessional will kill the business.


Who is your target market?

Professional career women who love to get their nails done and purchase unique one of a kind accessories.

How do you gain your customer loyalty?

Again, being professional, reasonably priced, sanitary, and last but not least… a good listener. I truly believe I provide “nail therapy”.

What are your short and long term goals for expanding your business?

Right now I’m working on building the couture part of the business. In the future I can see myself expanding into a larger space and employing other nail techs.

purseWhat new and trendy accessories can be found at Cuticle Couture in the near future?

Wow, I’m so excited for spring! Right now we have trendy clutch bags, sunglasses, earrings, and Egyptian style jewelry inspired by Beyonce worn in her Formation video.


Where can people follow Cuticle Couture on social media?

You can find us on Cuticle Couture’ Detroit on Facebook, @cuticlecouturedetroit on Instagram, or email us at 


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